Say goodbye to back pain!

Directly inspired by acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, Acupressure Mat helps relieve back pain. This is a patented therapeutic mat whose surface is covered with stimulators having a lotus flower shape.

With each use, it is a real relaxation session that you grant yourself. Stimulators act on your body in three ways:

1. They relax your back muscles deeply

2. They act on your nervous system by promoting the production of endorphin

3. They strengthen and stimulate your blood system

Similar to a good back massage, the Massage Mat relieves your spine durably. In addition, the pimples act as a powerful analgesic by promoting the production of endorphin, a natural hormone that acts as a painkiller. The nervous tension disappears as well as your back pain.

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Massagers come in different types, including neck and shoulder massagers. They use deep kneading pressure to help ease muscle tension, reduce pain, and improve blood circulation. These massagers are perfect for anyone looking to relieve stress and improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

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What is the Acupressure Mat?

Acupressure Mat harnesses the wisdom of Eastern tradition and the power of pioneering technology to make home massage widely available with truly beneficial results.

We understand that well-being is holistic: the whole body and the whole mind. A positive habit that creates a wave of beneficial effects. promotes body relaxation and brings a feeling of calming to the body and calmness in mind. Promotes a restful sleep, allowing a powerful regeneration.

Make Acupressure Mat the lasting root of your wellbeing, from which you can grow, prosper and flourish.

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